The 2020 Virtual Adrian Martinez Classic: Rules and Events

There is NO registration fee to enter, but please consider supporting the Adrian Martinez Scholarship Fund!


  1. Have fun!

  2. Runs must be completed and times submitted between Thursday, June 12 and Sunday June 15.

  3. Enter online here.

  4. When you (or your teammates) have completed your runs, submit your time(s) here.

  5. To be prize-eligible in individual or relay categories, you must provide some evidence that you ran what you say you ran: GPS, treadmill, strava, etc. Race directors are sole arbiters of what is acceptable proof.

  6. Don’t forget rule #1.

The 2020 Martinez Classic is designed to be a fun community event. We are offering a few prizes, but for the most part, we hope people will get outside, try to run fast, and connect with their fellow runners. Please observe the spirit of the event – you are on the honor system for your runs. And PLEASE observe all community guidelines for social distancing and safe activity.